Enlightenment and Peace through Education

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Spring 2010 










“Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal”.

                                                                                 – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


“One little person giving all her time for peace, makes news. Many people giving some of their time, can make history”.

                                                                                  – Peace Pilgrim.


Shanti Fund, an organization based on Long Island, have been encouraging and involving students from schools, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and cultural organizations since 2004. A 13 day long program on PATHWAYS TO PEACE in 2009 involved 11 school districts, 82 schools and thousands of students across Long Island.

Volunteers of Shanti Fund hope to celebrate PEACE ON THE PLANET this year involving many more schools and rejoicing PEACE throughout Long Island on October 1, 2010. Working towards peaceful and sustainable future lies at the heart of aspirations of the people everywhere. Emerging at this moment in history is a growing and shared recognition that we are all in this together. Based on guidelines provided by Volunteers of Shanti Fund, each school district will select a theme and develop an entire program involving their students. Activities being suggested / planned are interconnected pathways that transcend national, ethnic, racial, religions, age or gender. This may be reflected in following sub-themes –

We have followed categories from United Nations web site. Please find information at & search ‘Peace on the planet’.

1. Peace for the Planet for our CHILDREN

2. Peace for the Planet during CRISIS 

3. Peace for the Planet related to EDUCATION

4. Peace for the Planet for our ENVIRONMENT

5. Peace for the Planet related to HEALTH & DISEASES

6. Peace for the Planet related to HUMAN RIGHTS

7. Peace for the Planet through NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT

8. Peace for the Planet through PEACE AND HARMONY

9. Peace for the Planet by eliminating POVERTY

10.Peace for the Planet for all WOMEN

 Each school may select one or more of the sub-themes described above. Shanti Fund should be informed of the school choice before June 2010. Details of each theme will be provided by Volunteers of Shanti Fund.


  • PHOTO EXHIBIT of Mahatma Gandhi
  • PEACE ART COMPETITION – theme is “Peace on the Planet”.
  • PEACE PHOTO CONTEST – Photos of selected theme within the school district can be displayed at the school. One best photo from the school district to be submitted to Shanti Fund for contest & display at the Dennison Building at Hauppauge.
  • "PEACE FOR / ON THE PLANET- skit or drama, a song, chorus or a dance can be prepared by the students of all ages and performed at the school.
  • PEACE MESSAGES – Mahatma Gandhi and world peace leader’s messages can be incorporated in the program.
  • PEACE PERSPECTIVE – Two discussions are planned, one between the high school students & the other between the students of local social, cultural or ethnic organizations during the morning hours on OCTOBER 2ND 2010.
  • Guest speaker on Gandhiji's message on PEACE FOR / ON THE PLANET.
  • New this year – Every one to wear white as a respect for PEACE and all PEACE LEADERS.
  • PEACE PRIZE – To one exemplary student who selected from all schools and recommended by teachers. Must accompany a list of activities. Submission time January 15 2011.
  • PEACE WALL – Each school may consider a wall that depicts peace quotes, thoughts & stories.
  • PEACE PRESENTATION – A follow up presentation is planned in late January from each participating school districts. (Details will be announced.


  • A committee of teachers and students will start exploring the theme, brain storm the activities, projects and ideas to make other students, classes and perhaps schools to work towards this theme. Each school district may work towards planning October 1, 2010 as a PEACE FOR THE PLANET day.
  • Students and teachers are encouraged to make a lasting commitment to pursue this goal and make a difference.
  • Volunteers of Shanti Fund will be able to provide guidelines, remain in contact with the key coordinators on a bi-weekly basis.
  • Key participants from each school district will make a presentation on October 2nd at the Dennison Building in Hauppauge on the strength of their chosen theme that may make a difference on PEACE FOR / ON THE PLANET.

 Volunteers of Shanti Fund appreciate schools & organizations for their enthusiastic participation, knowing that September is an extremely busy month for students, teachers & parents. Volunteers try their best to coordinate programs far ahead of time to make this process little easier. Please do submit names of designee from your school or organizations who can coordinate with one of the volunteers of Shanti Fund.

 CONTACT – Panna Shah, MD 631-764-7660

                       Arvind Vora        917-406-6065