Enlightenment and Peace through Education

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Time is running out

Concept Criteria –

Sixteen of the world’s 19 largest cities from Jakarta to Shanghai are under threat from sea level rise caused by warming of the oceans. Everywhere, the environment is changing in response to human activity. People in developing countries will be both first and worst affected with global change. Climate change refers to the impact of an ever warmer planet brought by increased levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Early 2007, the IPCC published a report which stated that there will be serious consequences unless we act: rising sea levels; more frequent and less predictable floods—that will put millions of people in low lying regions at risk—severe droughts; famine, particularly in Africa and Central Asia; and the loss of up to a third of our plant and animal species. Diseases such as malaria and dengue fever will be spread more easily. Awareness of climate change is growing and the public pressure to do something about it is building. The IPCC shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with former US Vice-President Al Gore for their efforts to disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change.

Plan –

  • To plan a peace program and awareness based on the theme of ENVIRONMENT.
  • A group of Administrators, teachers, students & interested parents come together to make it happen in each school district.
  • Different buildings of the same school district can work upon different themes.
  • To include art directors/art teachers, music directors/music teachers, drama teachers, debate instructors, social studies teachers, and science teachers.
  • To involve student leaders who can help to motivate and coordinate other students.

Suggestions – A resourceful web site - . As we attempt to instill a concept of peace on tender minds,  develop various ideas at the middle school level  and solidify at the high school level, we may prepare Long Island students better aware of tomorrow’s world.

Elementary School 

           Peace Walk - Art Competition - Peace Prayers & songs – Peace quotations related to crises & emergencies of the world – Meaning of peace for children & our responsibility to mother earth.


Middle School 

         Art Competition /  A skit, discussion or power point presentation related to topics like climate change & Kyoto Protocol / Global warming – increased human population, increased pressure for food, deforestation, insect and disease resistant crop,.

High School 

         Peace Poster Competition / A skit, or Power Point presentation or discussions by students as well as teachers or even to get involved in Social Studies & Science related implications of Climate change /UNICEF./ Jimmy Carter Center ( )Prevention of blindness in Africa, Prevention of Malaria by providing mosquito nets in Africa.

Cultural items – guest performances

Girl Scout/Boy Scout item related to the project

Honorary Guest

Superintendent’s comment

A note from Shanti Fund

A group of 3-5 high school students are invited to make a presentation at H.Lee Dennison Building on OCT.2 at 9 am. All groups will be honored & best presentation will be recognized with a gift certificate of $141