Enlightenment and Peace through Education

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Meaning of  \and Shanti

\ Om is not a letter since it is not in the alphabet. It cannot be described as a word in the traditional sense since it may not be found in most dictionaries. For lack of proper definition, people have described it as a “symbol” but without naming, a symbol cannot be pronounceable. Even though one may try hard, it can neither be phonetically spelled out nor written out. Among the many meanings, the one on which most would agree, is that \ means “universe.’  Respectable philosophers have written and lectured a lot on\ and one needs a teacher to master the pronunciation of\ .
Shanti in Sanskrit language means “peace.”  Indisputably, both the “universe” and “peace” existed long before mankind got diversity by dividing and sub-dividing itself in countless ways. One of the most important aims for this Long Island-based charitable organization is to promote peace and enlightenment through education, by all means.